Posted by: johnhourihan | October 29, 2013

I am a Ted Cruz follower

I love my country. I just hate the president and want him impeached, I hate the Congress and want them all voted out, I hate everyone who gets money from my taxes, anyone who collects my taxes, I hate anyone who disagrees with me, all those people who don’t speak English and want them out of the country, and I don’t say it much but people with darker skin than mine should also be housed in the inner cities only. But make no mistake about it. I have a flag and wave it proudly. I stand for the national anthem. I pledge allegiance to a piece of cloth,.
I am an American, and I believe God is an American too. I am a  Ted Cruz follower  – Yippee I o kayay.



  1. In one speech he asked the president over and over again to imagine a world where all 46 rep. senators stood together and supported the rep. in the house against the train wreck that was Obamacare. He should be asking why they didn’t in the real world. Do you think he uses Ted instead of Raphael because Ted sounds like Tom?

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