Posted by: johnhourihan | January 11, 2014

Retirement 101- Chapter five

The other stuff

Once you have a small house, no water bill, no sewer bill, no mortgage, no car payment, you have done away with credit cards and you have cut your electric bill there is nothing left except all the rest.
First find places in your area that sell off-price food. If a normal price for a can of vegetables is $1.30, these places sell the same for 50 cents to 70 cents. Stock up when you have a few extra bucks.
You can go out to eat, but only to the places that have a senior menu. Don’t forget eggs bacon and toast may only cost $4.99 but coffee will add $1.50. Have your coffee at home. Get used to telling the waitress, “I think I’ll just have iced water, thank you.”
Get a land line  phone. Do away with the over-the-top hand computer. No one needs that.
Buy a small refrigerator.  A small fridge uses less electricity and take less space in your little home. I’m talking about a college dorm type fridge.
It lets you go food shopping every few days so you can take advantage of the daily sales at markets.
Now make a list of the best prices of gasoline, food, medicine, and only buy things that are on sale. Never pay full price for anything.
The last thing you have to do is thank the president for the new Affordable Care Law. Health care cost has always been the end all of retirement. As long as insurance companies were allowed to say, “That is a pre-existing condition,” someone had to stay at work so you would never have to change your health care insurance.
Now you can get insurance even if you retire, and if you legitimately don’t make enough money to pay the bill, the government will reimburse some of it.
Obamacare is the savior of retirement. Educate your children. Make them understand that if they don’t buy into it (even though it will cost them a few extra bucks now) it will fail, and it won’t be there for e them when it is their turn to retire.
There you have it. When they tell you that you can’t retire, they are wrong. You just can’t retire and live the way you are living now.



  1. I think when I do get to retire I’m going to live better than I do know. That is if I can complete 4 out of 5 chapters. This has become my plan. Thanks!

    • It’s working for me, hope it works for you too.


  2. All great ideas. Thank you!!!!

    • you’re welcome


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