Posted by: johnhourihan | February 9, 2014

How dare they force us to buy health care?

Things the government forces us to do.

That horrible president Obama is forcing us to buy health care.

You hear it all the time now, bu t is it the only thing we are forced to do and was it actually the Democrats’ fault?
The government forces us to get a social security card, pay taxes, pay to enter parks built with tax money, register if we want to vote, register our cars, get a license to drive, we are forced to pay when a sewer line is put in in our neighborhood. Companies are forced to make themselves handicapped accessible, and companies must serve people they may not like. Motorcycle riders must wear helmets in some states or pay a fine, an when I was a kid we were force to go into the armed services, and this is only a partial list, so why is it now a big deal that we are “forced“ to buy health insurance?
Would you all feel a little better if we just paid more taxes to the government and let the government run health care? That is what the Democrats wanted all along. It was the Republicans who didn’t want a single-payer system. So now we have what we have, and we are forced to buy it for ourselves instead of being forced to pay for it for everyone. And you keep blaming the wrong people. This was a GOP idea. (It was even instituted by a Republican in the first place – Mitt Romney.)

You have every right to be upset, but at least blame the right side.


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