Posted by: johnhourihan | February 15, 2014

Gays, lesbians, foreign wars and health insurance, and other stuff

Let’s cut out on the double talk and look closely at the things we complain about every day.

Complaint: We are spending too much on foreign wars.
The country ends the war – the defense budget is cut.
Complaint (from the same people who made the first complaint) : We are cutting our defense budget and not supporting our troops.

Complaint: Gays and lesbians getting married is destroying our way of life.
Answer: Gays and Lesbians want relationships with other gay and lesbian people. They don’t want you, so unless you want them it doesn’t alter your way of life one little bit if they are allowed to get married.

Complaint: Too many people are going to emergency rooms without any health care insurance.
We must have hospitals. Hospitals cannot exist without a cash flow so they can continue to provide services. So the “free” care ends up being paid for by our rising taxes. So, the government institutes health care insurance that has to be bought by everyone.
Complaint (from the same people who made the first complaint) : I don’t like being forced by the government to buy health care.

Complaint: My doctor has his hands tied by the insurance companies who tell him which procedures he can order and which medicines he can prescribe.
The government passes a law that sets standards that insurance companies have to go by if they are to be allowed to sell health care insurance.
Complaint (from the same people who made the first complaint) : The government isn’t letting us keep the insurance policies we had.

Complaint: There are too many people getting entitlements fro the government.
Companies cut 1/3 of their workforce in order to keep the profit margins to which they had become accustomed.
Complaint (from the same people who made the first complaint) : Entitlements are going up.
The economy begins a comeback and the stock market performs better than it has in decades, but companies do not begin rehiring their people. Instead they enjoy the huge profits in multi-million dollar annual salaries and bonuses for top level executives, and the stock holders reap the rewards..
Complaint (from the same people who made the first complaint) : If we extend unemployment benefits for those who are out of work we will be hurting the economy.
Those who are out of work get foods stamps to eat, heat assistance to stay warm, and subsidized housing so they can have a roof over their heads since they are not working and no one wants to give them either a job or unemployment benefits.
Complaint (from the same people who made the first complaint) : There are too many people getting entitlements from the government. Fire the president.

Complaint: Look what they have done to the environment. There are tornadoes, hurricanes, tsunamis, heat waves and massive snow storms that we never had before.
The president stalls long enough to look into the environmental effect that can be expected from the Keystone XL Pipeline Project, a pipeline that is proposed  across Canada.into the U.S.
Complaint (from the same people who made the first complaint) : Obama is killing jobs and keeping us dependent on foreign oil by not OKing the pipeline.

Complaint: Obama is a socialist.
The president institutes an affordable health care plan, and is poised to cut waste out of Medicare and Social Security two of the most expensive socialist programs in the country.
Complaint (from the same people who made the first complaint) : Obama wants to cut Medicare and Social Security and he doesn’t care about our elderly. Keep you hand off our (socialist programs).

Are we sure we are making complaints about things we have studied and found to be a problem, or are we just complaining because we like to complain, or do we just dislike this particular president for some inexplicable reason?
Complaint: (Before you even say it) Oh ,sure, there you go playing the race card.



  1. Bumper sticker idea, “Stop Global Whining” With out thinking first!

  2. I’m with you on this, but I don’t get the gay complaint.

    • It is just that there is no reason for straight people to complain about same sex marriage since it doesn’t affect them at all.

      • Oh, okay. Duh, how did I not get that…

  3. Why would anyone want the job of president? Is it just an instrument to set up for blame… are the other branches of government not responsible for any of this?

    • As we have both said before, When you become president they take you in a big room , lock the door and tell you what is really going on in the world.

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