Posted by: johnhourihan | February 16, 2014

The Heritage Foundation blames poverty on the poor

When you hear or see anything credited to The Heritage Foundation, please take it with a giant grain of salt.
Among other nonsense that they say is true according to their experts, lately they have said, again, that poverty in inner cities can be cured if those people would just get married when someone gets pregnant.
It seems to make sense. That is the evil of the Heritage Foundation. They give you half-truths or statements that seem rational but aren‘t.

Let’s look at a few facts:
When the economy tanked under president George Bush one of the major problems it caused was that factories left the cities. Everyone agrees with that.
With the factories gone, the peripheral companies that serviced the factories followed them. Please don’t say they didn’t. That would be just dumb.
With the higher wage earners moving out of the cities the professionals, such as doctors and lawyers, also followed them to the suburbs or to foreign countries.
This left only those who used to work in the factories living in the cities, and for the most part the only jobs left for them were lower level, minimum wage jobs.
The average annual wage for Wal-Mart workers is $17,000.
The average wage for 40 hours of work for a MacDonald’s line worker is $15,912, and a manager in the same place is earning $20,134.
The national poverty level for a family of four is $23,550.
And as John Lovitt said in “A League of Their Own,” Well, now, that would be more, right?”
Are you getting the idea of how ignorant it is to say that the problem with poverty in the inner cities is that men aren’t marrying the women they have children with?
That’s right, there are no jobs in the inner city that provide a living wage for anyone but the owners and the stock holders.
The truth of the Heritage Foundation’s assertion is that men and women aren’t getting married as often. Why should they? They can’t support a family on the jobs that are left for them.
What the Heritage Foundation is trying to do has very little to do with telling the truth.
Remember the Republican candidate Rick Santorum? He was the Opus Dei connected holier than thou candidate who said that the cure for poverty in our country is “Graduate from high school, work hard and get married before you have children,” he then asserted, “and the chance you will ever be in poverty is just 2%.”
That is 100% bullshit.
In our cities, education has been a farce for many years, and you can work as hard as you possibly can in the jobs left for you, but you will never make enough money to support a family.
But just as the Republican party has told people there is no credence to global warming, they are also trying to place the blame for poverty on the poor.
And they are trying to tell you there is a war on the rich.



  1. Let’s face it– there wouldn’t be any poverty if it were not for the poor.

    • And I always said teaching would be so easy if it wasn’t for those damn kids.

  2. All your articles leave me thinking but this one is making me think alot
    i appreciate your opinions and share them with my students

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