Posted by: johnhourihan | March 14, 2014

Are you finding fault with Obama for no reason at all?

I have a surprise for all of you who answered my last post on facebook and in emails.

For those of you who pointed out that what I had to say just showed that President Obama is a Communist, or a socialist, or that he is attempting to redistribute the country’s wealth, and that all that he wants to do, as stipulated in the post, shows he is not a Christian at all but a Muslim, the post wasn’t about the president at all.

It was about the pope.

It was about the new pope’s first year, what he called for, what he asked for all Catholics to do.



  1. I thought that half way through then wasn’t sure and was left with a generic ans. Well done!!

    • Thank you. I find it enlightening that some said it ju t proved that he was a Muslim.

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