Posted by: johnhourihan | April 23, 2014

GOP’s 2016 strategy

If you are thinking the Republicans have lost their minds, think of it this way.

This is the real Republican strategy.

“If you believe the earth isn’t warming, the government is your enemy, Democrats are demons, the president is the devil and was born in Kenya; if you believe the president never says the words “under God” when he says the pledge of allegiance, if you believe we shouldn’t help countries who are worse off than we are, if you believe everyone can get a job if they just get off their lazy asses and get one, If you believe your taxes fully pay for everything you use that was built by the government, if you believe Obamacare was devised to screw the poor and working class, If you believe in death panels and forced government inspections, If you believe only certain black people and college kids should be allowed to vote, if you believe women should shut their mouths, get back in the kitchen and raise the kids, if you believe this nation was forged so Christians could run it,  you are a tea partier, and you are wrong.
If you think Sarah Palin is smart you are wrong. If you even listen to Michelle Bachman you are wasting time you will never get back. If you believe Raphael Cruz actually believes all this nonsense you are wrong…..Oh, no…wait. He does believe all this. We have to get this moron out of office.”

You realize in the last election the majority of the nation saw Paul Ryan and Rick Santorum for the insane people they are. The Republicans only trotted out Palin, Bachman, a host of others like them and this idiot Cruz character so Ryan and Santorum look sane by comparison.



  1. On the positive side, who do we like for 2016?

  2. Maybe Bernie if he can keep his hair out of his eyes or is that one of the things you like about him. Sanders really would be good for positive growth and peace of mind for the majority of the country.

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