Posted by: johnhourihan | April 28, 2014

The NBA and the conservative conglomerate media

I’m sorry. I’m just not outraged by this NBA owner thing.

He’s a bigot. There are lots of bigots. Most of us (except those of us on the Supreme Court) know that.

He’s a racist. There are a lot of racists. Most of us (except the majority of the House of Representatives) know that.

These foolish things that the conservative corporate media tout as the real problem with racism are what stops us from dealing with the real problems of racism in this country, such as the disparity in income, inability of young people of color to get a good education, the inability of inner city residents to get a job, the inability of young black and Hispanic men to earn enough from their full-time jobs to support a family, or the GOP insistence that Detroit and Chicago problems are due to the lack of culture in the inner cities, or any of the other things that actually mean something.

The conservative corporate media is trying to get you to pay attention to stupidity rather than to doing something about the real problems, because to do something about the real problems would cost them money.

This incident of the NBA owner boil down to this: We are being told to be outraged because a pretty, bespangled young woman who lives with an ugly old billionaire for some reason, and supposedly embezzled $1.8 million from him and was subsequently sued and promised to “get even,” set him up and taped their conversation where she cajoles him to admit his bigotry.

And now not a single conservative conglomerate media outlet (which is all of them) is talking about anything real except this story that is one murder away from being a script on Castle.

I’m sorry, not am I not outraged, I don’t give a rat’s ass about his nonsense, and I don’t think players making millions a year for playing basketball throwing their shirts int the middle of the floor is a suitable protest.

Now, if they walked out of the playoffs, that would have been something.

But it would have cost  a bunch of money for everyone involved, so they didn’t.




  1. Right on target. I said the players will not protest in any meaningful way. Of course the fans will still show up for the games. Your right he is a bigot and racist. People have known this for a long time. He still owned a team and players of all colors played for him. Now they are going to protest? Now the league is thinking of how to deal with it?

  2. Good article John!

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