Posted by: johnhourihan | April 28, 2014

Where tea party money goes

Please send you money to the tea party fundraisers.

I know you think sending your hard earned money to the tea party is your way of supporting far right candidates who wave the flag and a gun and call on Jesus to right the wrongs of the country ignoring the fact that Jesus was from another country and would probably tell them to stop waving their guns around.

That isn’t what happens though.

The tea party fundraised their little red, white and blue asses off and came up with $37.5 million last year.

Purty good huh?

Candidates only saw $7 million of that money.

Purty tricky, huh?

Where did the rest go? Well, more fundraising to be sure, and some polls showing how the president is a criminal who should be impeached using false facts, but most of it went to, oh yeah ….and salaries.

Purty damn dishonest, huh?

The tea party is a con – a sham – a scam, and if you are sending them money they are laughing at you all the way to the bank.



  1. I bet I’m only one of millions that didn’t know that.

    • I guess so, since they collected 37.5 million from people who thought they were helping candidates

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