Posted by: johnhourihan | April 29, 2014

NBA and Sterling: Be careful when punishing beliefs

NBA team owner Donald Sterling is a racist and a bigot and pretty much a pathetic old man who seemingly has to “hire” a young woman to be his companion (there is a word for this but it slips my mind at the moment). There is no doubt in my mind that I think he is a poor excuse for a human being.
Today, after he was prodded by his “girlfirend” into spouting his racist nonsense on what appears to be an illegal wiretapping, everyone is calling for him to lose his business.
I personally believe he deserves to be punished for his beliefs, but I don’t believe we are the ones who get to do that. If he is punished by losing his ownership of the Clippers does this mean it is the law of our land that you cannot own property if you do not like a group of people and say so out loud?
Is that what we want?
I know there are discrimination laws, and we are not allowed to keep people from work, or pay them less, or treat them poorly because of the color of their skin, or their age or their gender (Oh, that’s right we are allowed to discriminate on pay due to gender.)
But just because we all believe this man is an ignorant and evil person, can we take away his business?
Should there be a law that says that is OK?
If you are saying yes, think a little further.
What happens when a young black man who was once arrested and mistreated by a white cop for driving while black, grows up with a healthy dislike for white people, and buys a business. Can we take it away from him if he voices this animosity toward all white people?
Taking someone’s business away because of what he or she thinks is a pretty slippery slope to step out onto.
I believe that a group, such as the MLB, NFL or NBA is within their rights to say, If an owner or a player voices racial or bigoted beliefs he or she may be suspended or even be forced to sell his or her team. This has happened before. There are rules associated with clubs or groups that are not laws, just rules of the club. If you don’t want to join the club you don’t have to. If you join you have to go by the rules.
But I do not believe we want to make it the law of the land that we can be stripped of our property if we profess a dislike for a group of people. We have laws about what you can or cannot do to them because of your beliefs, but I believe we still have the right to not like someone.
We need to be careful on this, because the type of action people seem to want to be taking in this case is only as fair as who is deciding what groups we can or cannot like.
Why do we need to be careful?
Because the decision may lead to “we the people” being relieved of our property for what we believe, and I don’t think that is what we want. I believe that is against the Constitution.
But that is where we are headed and mostly because an embezzling bimbo wanted to get back at a racist moron.



  1. You were right John, we probably agree on more things than I thought we did.

  2. Yup!!!!

  3. He asked the bimbo to stop coming to the games with black people ,in a one on one conversation. So he thought. How many of those asking for his head could have their one on one conversations broadcasted and survive their words?

    • Good question. Also how can people not understand that to take someone’s property away for what they think is not American. it isn’t even fair. No matter how heinous what he thinks might be, it is what he thinks, not what he does. Laws are supposed to govern actions in this country, not opinions.

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