Posted by: johnhourihan | May 9, 2014

Why doesn’t the media report this?

Whenever I hear the public asking why the media is not covering a certain story, such as the kidnapping of 191 young women in Nigeria, I think of two things.

One: Having spent most of my life working in newspapers I know for a fact that newspapers and subsequently the TV and radio who get most of their leads from newspapers, will print whatever the public will put down a few shekels to buy. If you won’t buy a certain type of story, newspapers stop printing them. So no matter what complaint you have about a story not being reported, the fault is not in the media, it is in the public who don’t really give enough of a crap about it to buy it.

Two: If it isn’t being reported, where did you hear about it?

And as to the 191 women. It is being reported. What are you doing about it?


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