Posted by: johnhourihan | May 25, 2014

There are no longer two valid political parties

I have friends who think that we need a change in politics so they believe they should vote to get Democrats out of the White House. They think there are two equally valid parties and that if they don’t like what is happening, all they
have to do is pick the other side and everything will be OK. They believe this nonsense without ever knwooing what is really happening in Washington.
I ask you all, why on earth would you want more Republicans in office?
I am not making this stuff up. GOP politicians have said it all in public and make it very clear what they want to happen. They say they want to cut medicare, social security, help for women infants and children, food stamps, heating assistance, education, veterans benefits, health benefits for the poor. They want to privatize the VA healthcare system by giving wounded vets vouchers that they can use at hospitals and clinics. The say they want to cut education, and environmental protection, and all the while they want to cut taxes for the very rich and bolster the defense budget so we can have more wars. And it seems they have never met a war they didn’t like. Why the hell do you think they are a valid political party?
If you aren’t extremely rich and want to make money form war and keep it rather than helping anyone, and you are voting Republican, you are being played for a fool.


  1. I think war is inevitable as long as there is suffering in the world. So… war is inevitable. I think we need a strong military if we expect to survive the challenges that other nations will put before us. Maybe the cost shouldn’t be shouldered by the very people that will have to go off and die for a system that failed them. But that has always been the way… “…when will they ever learn?”

    • I have no problems with the Republican support for “the troops” I just wish it would continue even after people come home broken and become veterans. Support for those who serve shouldn’t stop when they get a discharge..

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