Posted by: johnhourihan | June 17, 2014

Making lemonade

My wife, Lin, has taught me that some of the old adages are not just cliches.

Some of them you can actually live by.
The doctor said I needed to eat better food, and I needed to exercise more, and I needed to alleviate stress or my heart condition and diabetes would get worse. My government told me the conditions were due to being sprayed with Agent Orange while I was in Vietnam.
I was getting older, and I was getting sick.
Then it snowed all winter, feet at a time, and the temperature dropped below zero for days at a time. There was no exercising to be done, and the storms and worry stressed me beyond what I was supposed to be stressed.
What I had going for me was a loving wife who just wanted me to be happy, the VA where I have my health needs taken care of and my disability compensation check.
So I took that check, sold the car, and we moved to Hawaii.
It is warm here, the sidewalks of Honolulu are flat and go on for miles. If I go slowly I can get more exercise than I was getting, and since the population here is the most diverse of anyplace I have ever seen, I have access to , Indian, Chinese and Korean food, all of which is a world better for me than what I was eating.
Then, to make matters even better, my daughter and my son-in-law are moving here, and they are bringing two of our grandkids with them.
So, here’s to making lemonade out of lemons.
Thank you Lin for teaching me how.



  1. Thank-you Lin for teaching him so many things!

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