Posted by: johnhourihan | July 10, 2014

The power is in Congress, not the presidency

If you have decided the president is, as you say, a moron, a disgrace, a fool, stupid, then you do the job.
So, you have been hired. You walk through the door of the White House and I tell you what your job is, and just after that I will show you the powers you have to get the job done.
OK, you are the leader of a country that is in wars in at least two major and several minor places, wars that were lied about and started by someone else. You have a terrorism problem that seems to pit the entire Muslim world against any Christian nation, of which you are one. You have a huge and growing segment of the population that cannot find a job or can find a job but it or they do not pay enough to support their family. The housing market has crashed, Gun violence is rampant, the environment of the planet is tanking and your country is one of the biggest contributors, the education system has dropped steadily for a decade, college costs are out of reach, a man who killed thousands of your countrymen is still at large, entire TV stations are run by those who would rather see you out of office and are doing everything, even lying, to accomplish that, there are water shortages, Vladimir Putin shaking his fist, religious wars in the Middle East, the economy is a pit, (meaning that the rich are getting richer and the poor poorer), crime in cities is growing, and urban poverty, corporate greed, and a right wing Supreme Court are destroying our middle class.
You are the president now. This will all be blamed on you.
So, what powers do you have to get the job done.
Article II of the Constitution: You have the veto, but your veto can be overridden by Congress. You can appoint bureaucrats and judges, but that is also subject to Senate advice and consent. You can host foreign dignitaries, whoopee. And you are the commander in chief, but you can’t declare war so the position is pretty much administrative.
What of these powers can solve the list of problems we just saw?
That’s right, none.
Our founding fathers, so frightened by the possibility of a dictator such as King George III taking over again that they have kept all the power in the hands of “the people.”
They never expected “the people” would be replaced by a group of egotistic rich lifetime politicians who would do anything to keep their wealth intact even if it meant keeping most of the country in poverty and declaring war on the president of the United States.
Hey, but that’s what you get. You are the president.
Now. Tell me how the president is the fault behind everything it takes Congress to get done. Tell me how, as you face a group of people who have the power to stop everything you do, decide to stop everything you do, it is your fault if things don’t get done.
OK, you’re the president, tell me what you would do. Be careful. You can’t do anything you have blamed President Obama for.
Well, This president , who you call a moron, a disgrace, a socialist, fool has done the following: He killed Osama bin Laden, he dug the economy out of a near depression, jobs have steadily gone up hill, he raised the minimum wage for government workers and urged corporations to do the same, He has bailed out the auto industry and set it on a path toward better use of our propulsion systems, he has fostered solar and wind power to replace coal and oil, he has ended two wars and brought most of our troops home, has brought attention to the problems of guns in our inner cities, has eased the burden of college loans and is working to simplify our immigration laws.
Is that something you would have been able to do given the circumstances?
For many decades all presidents have worked toward getting more power into the presidency since they saw that the power rested in a body of fools who were destroying our country for money. Nixon, Regan, Carter, Clinton, they all did it and now it is President Obama’s turn.
Congress is fast becoming a group of fringe lunatics, and they have all the power.
If you don not like what is happening it is their fault, not the president’s.
For him there is a different power at work.




  1. Without even reading a word passed the title– That’s why the corruption is in congress not the President.

    • One thing I could add now that I finished reading is this, it is the same no matter what side of the isle they sit on. Heaven help us please or it’s only going to get more and more dangerous.

      • I’m afraid you are totally correct.

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