Posted by: johnhourihan | July 17, 2014

Why Hawaii 2

Today was a disappointment, as disappointing as a day in this incredibly beautiful place can be. Lin woke up with a fever. We weren’t sure if it was a cold or the effects of a small spider bite she had gotten a few days ago, while we were walking towards the park for breakfast.
The disappointment came in that we were supposed to be going to my daughter’s house early in the day. John was going to be home and we could have a cookout with the kids. We love seeing them so the telephone call was a sort of agony.

It had also been annoying that at 2:45 a.m. the alarm in our building came on with a loud honking like a goose in heat and a man’s voice trumpeting, “Walk to the nearest stairway.” It ended at 2:48 a.m, and since I am too old to get my clothes on in three minutes, I told Lin not to worry and we went back to bed.
Since we were going to be home anyways, I decided to try to research the two-door restaurant. First I found a site that had reviews about popular Honolulu restaurants. There was a plethora of entries about the Lobster King, the “diner” from my seemingly repressed memory.
A few things were a mild surprise, but then there was a major surprise at the end. First, most people admitted that the food tasted good, all except the lobster, which they said tasted old, stale, fishy. Then they complained about the cleanliness of the place and that the lobster tank was filthy. Nearly all said the wait staff was rude, the wait was long (even when they were the only people in the place), and the parking situation was horrendous. As surprising as all this was, one fact they all talked about was the most surprising of all.
With complaints about the food, the cleanliness, the wait staff, the parking, (what else is there by which to judge a restaurant), nearly every reviewer wondered why the place was always so crowded.
I have questions about this place, and I am hoping a visit there will answer them.
I seem to need to know if this has been around for a long time (for some reason, when I think about his place I see cars parked in front of it. The cars are older, late 40s early 50s, and I always picture a middle-aged Asian woman in an apron behind a counter like you might see in a bus station, but when I had looked into the front door I hadn’t seen a counter, so I want to know if a counter was there in some time in the past, and I want to know who has owned it over the years.
I have no idea why this is so important to me. It just is.
I can’t explain it other than to say, I have long known that our makeup is largely determined by our DNA, our genetics, and we know we get our genes from our parents, and they from theirs and so on, but what we don’t know is what is in the DNA and where it came from originally.
And it just keeps coming to mind. “And God made man in his image”.
I always wondered what that meant. Does it mean all men, including Neanderthal, Australopithecus, Cro-Magnon? Does it mean God’s image was the ape-like creatures we may have looked like in the beginning? Or does it mean, as I am more inclined to believe, that, whoever God was, He changed mankind, His chosen ones, into a being more closely resembling the “Us” of the Bible. I wonder what little trick of DNA might accomplish that, and whether or not this two-door diner is some sort of chromosomal déjà vu.
I guess I’ll have to go see.



  1. Does dna have memory in it? Can genes pass on the memories of those they came from?

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