Posted by: johnhourihan | November 24, 2014

It’s in the water

There is something in the water. No, really.
In 2004, Charles Clover, Environmental Editor of The Telegraph in the UK, published an article explaining that water companies in the UK had been asked to examine ways of removing traces of the female contraceptive pill from sewage effluent after the widespread evidence had proven “the pill” was causing sex changes in fish – turning male fish into female fish.
A study involving 1,500 fish in 42 rivers in England found that more than 33 percent of the male fish had female characteristics.
An environments agency had reported “Male fish with advanced changes in their sexual organs are unable to reproduce,” and that the report said, “Was a potential lily serious implication for fish populations.”
How did this happen?
In the mid 1960s “the Pill” became a household word since so many women opted to use it as their both control. The hormones in that pill do not break down in the body; neither does it break down in sewage treatment plants. Therefore; female hormones were since then flowing into the rivers and lakes of the UK. And the drinking water.
T study said “the latest stage of a 20 year study showed the feminizing effects of fish were directly related to their exposure to effluent in which the Pill was 1,000 time more powerful than natural oestrogens.”
BBC also reported that year that James Owens of the National Geographic noted, “The same cause.
The scientists who had just finished a seven year study “warn that he gender-bending effects of certain man-made substances…threaten polar bears, alligators, frogs, mollusks and other wildlife. The report stopped short of naming humans as a species that has been affected.
In 2008 scientist sin Canada “found the miniscule amounts of estrogen …could decimate wild fish populations living downstream.”
The research led by Dr. Karen Kidd, an NSERC-funded biology professor “confirms that synthetic estrogen used in birth control pills “and “wreak havoc.” And that male fish exposed to (it) become feminized, producing egg protein normally synthesized by female fish. Only
But that was England.
In the US, in 2009, CBS broadcast that “Something strange is happening to the fish in America’s rivers and lakes. Something “seems to be disrupting the hormones, blurring the lines between male and female (fish)”
Turns out that the country where more “Pills” are ingested than any other country in the world is experiencing the same problem.
And all have found that the synthesized hormones in “the Pill” have been passing through millions and millions of women in the country, through the ineffectual sewage treatment plants and have been flowing like , well, water into the streams, rivers, lake, and reservoirs of this country.
That is our drinking water, and if according to the seven year study in the UK animals as large as alligators and polar bears can be affected by it, why is it that no one has said the obvious?
Have you noticed that young people are seldom seen without a bottle of water close at hand? Have you noticed we have been told to drink more water? No I don’t think it is a plot. I think it is just something we should look into with a little more fervor.
Have you noticed more effeminate males in our country than there were in the past? Does that number seem to be growing?
Have no problem with those who are gay. I believe it to be genetic and unavoidable for many, but I don’t think it is right to cause people to be gay, by indoctrination or by chemical in the water or both. Since it takes both male and female to propagate the species, I think this might be something we should be more interested in than say, whether or not people can gate across our borders.



  1. Agreed– nor is it right to cause people to be heterosexual by indoctrination or by chemicals in the water or both.

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