Posted by: johnhourihan | January 14, 2015

Which Bible?

OK, I’m tired of the righteous wrath that keeps surfacing in the mouths of Republican politicians and their blind followers. They have used “The Bible” to try to discredit, gay and lesbian marriages, global warming, illegal immigrants, people on welfare, women’s rights and anything the Democratic president proposes about anything.
They all say the same thing. “I believe in what it says in The Bible.” Then they smile smugly because they know a certain number of millions of Christians will agree with them if “it is in the Bible.”
Which Bible?
While there are hundreds of versions of the Bible, there are eight primary versions found in history:
Septuagint – 250 C.E. Written in Greek
Vulgate- 400 C.E. First version of the Bible which is canonized at the Council of Carthage in 400 C.E. Written in Latin
Luther’s German Bible- 1534 C.E.
King James Version- 1611 C.E. This is the most widely used versions however it has large number of errors given that none of the writers had a decent understanding of Hebrew.
Revised Standard Version- 1952 C.E. Liberal translation into American English which used the earliest possible text
Jerusalem Bible- 1966 C.E. This is the first version of the Bible to be commissioned by the Catholic Church since the .400’s.
New Revised Standard Version- 1990 C.E. This is the most academic and scholarly
version with the most accurately possible translations of the original text
There are literally hundreds of translations of each.

Why is it that all you need to say is “Jesus is my savior,” and everything is OK even if you have no idea what Jesus said you should do to be a righteous person.
How do you say, “I am a Christian,” and follow it up with “The economy is the most important thing in our country?”
You say “I believe in Jesus,” and you add, “Why should I bust my ass and then have people take part of it to feed their kids? Tell them to get jobs.”
“I believe in Jesus,” and “We have to kill those Muslims.”
“I believe in Jesus,” and “We should be allowed to legislate who will love whom.”
How do you say I believe what is in the Bible when there are eight versions of the Bible found in history. Each one saying different things. Then each of these eight are translated into English….several times by different people with different philosophies and different axes to grind.
Many of the books included in each of the versions were first written in Aramaic, Hebrew or Greek, then translated several times.
The Jerome Bible that most people are quoting from currently was translated from one of the original languages into Latin then translated into French then to English. The words were changed, the nuances were changed in each translation.
Each version of the Bible went through this multiple translation process leaving hundreds of versions in English, all saying something different, all having lost something in the multiple translations.
You can say it was all done with divine inspiration, and I say then why are they all different?
Then politicians misquote what is in one of the translations, or just lie about what is in the Bible, and, like sheep, people who call themselves followers of “The Bible” believe the nonsense spouted by men who we know are using it mainly to get votes.
I believe in God. I believe Jesus was his son, I believe what Jesus told us to do is the right thing to do. I am tired of this “Christian right” nonsense. If you want to call yourself Christian follow the lead of your religious leader, Jesus
But if you think you can do that by following the platform the Republican Party itself espouses, that says cut assistance for the poor, cut health care for the poor, turn your back on hungry children, continue to destroy our planet with chemical food and fossil fuels, foster a world in which the rich get preference, build up our capability to kill people who don’t think like we do, I believe you are in for a surprise in the end. The bibles say a lot of good things, but these aren’t any of them.
It is time for all Real Christians to stand up and say, “Enough.”



  1. So far I count one-sorry Lin-two real Christians standing up, and above all saying enough. I know others feel like you do but for one reason or another forget the” saying enough” part. Just saying it at the voting booth is not enough. Is there one real Christian in politics?

    • That is a good question. Maybe Bernie Sanders?

  2. Amen.

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