Posted by: johnhourihan | March 27, 2015

Voting against our own best interests

I’m confused.
I have looked up a lot of things that have been said by Republican politicians and I am asking why anyone would vote for these people. It is astounding.
Republican politicians and candidates have said there is no reason to stop a criminally insane person from getting an automatic weapon, children on food stamps shouldn’t be allowed to get cookies, snow in the northeast means there is no global warming, there is no such thing as evolution, oil pipelines filled with the dirtiest oil on the planet could not possibly hurt the environment, Fighting the unions is good practice to take on ISIS, vaccinations are a bad thing, minimum wage jobs are mostly for teenagers (only 24 percent of those jobs are filled by teens) we can support our troops by cutting VA benefits, Medicare recipients are just not being responsible for their own health care, women should not get equal pay for equal work, minimum wage should be eliminated because it would create jobs, some rape is legitimate some is not, people who help uninsured people get Obamacare should be put in jail, corporations who receive government money should be allowed to renounce their citizenship so as to not pay taxes, since we haven’t been attacked domestically since 9/11 we should do away with the department that has been keeping us from getting attacked, just because we have ended two wars doesn’t mean we should cut how much money we spend on war, we can make our environment better by doing away wiht the only organized group trying to make it better, siding with foreign leaders against our own president is a good thing, the best way to help the middle class the poor and the elderly is to cut Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, Obamacare, Veterans benefits and any money that goes to education, nutrition and any other benefit going to the middle class the poor or the elderly.
Now that is what the Republican party is saying, so I guess that I am confused because some poor and middle class people still vote for them, and that is just a special kind of stupid.



  1. Republicans talk about “BIG” & “FAST” changes. People seem to want big and fast over slow and steady all time. It doesn’t matter who the changes help or hurt as long as they are big and fast.

    • I agree3, and lately we can add to Big and Fast, stupid and harmful

  2. John,
    I found the secret to making it all make sense! A Republican friend let me in on it (I simply can’t name names). You simply place a dollar bill over both eyes and you use that as a filter to view otherwise indefensible positions. It works John, I tried it. It really works!

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