Posted by: johnhourihan | August 14, 2016

To poor people who want to vote for Trump

Maybe poor white families are right in wanting to vote for Trump. Let’s see. You are a 47 year old white man living with your wife, your twenty-year-old son and your 15 year-old-daughter. You have worked in the factory for 30 years. You get weekends off and two weeks vacation a year. You have seniority so a lot of people have to be laid off before you. Your wife works at WalMart. Your son’s wife works as the payroll clerk at a construction company. You are all covered by the Affordable Care Act. Your mother lives on her own paying for elderly housing with one-third of her Social Security check and is covered by Medicare. Your son’s wife makes $50 a week after she pays day care.
Voting for Trump will do this for you according to what he has said he will do if elected and what he has always done in his business endeavors.
He will put up trade tariffs and, since Chinese goods will now cost as much as American made goods, WalMart will close stores and lay off people to make up the difference. Your wife loses her job, and since there will be no minimum wage all she will be able to get is a job at a fast food place for $3 an hour. American goods will also go up and people like Trump will get even richer since they will not have to pay taxes.
Your daughter will get a tax break on daycare at the end of the year. Of course you will have to pay for the daycare up front, but since there will be no work for construction companies building our infrastructure your hours will be cut. You will have no recourse because unions have been busted. Your son will be drafted because we will be at war on several fronts and your daughter in law will come live with you with their baby.
Your mother’s Social Security will be cut by a third and privatized Medicare will become so difficult to negotiate your mother will get sicker and sicker because she doesn’t know where to get health care, and of course the Affordable Care Act will be repealed and we will go back to insurance companies telling you when and where you can go to the doctor. When she gets too sick your mother will move in with you. You, your wife, your daughter, your daughter in law and your mother will all scrounge just to hold onto your house and buy food. And if your son gets wounded in the war he will come home to you without any veterans benefits. And without the Americans with Disabilities Act he will not be able to get a job and if he decides to sell trinkets for money to pay the bills Trump will have him removed from the streets because he doesn’t look right.
You want to tell me why you think it is a good idea to vote for Donald Trump? Is it that he tells it like it is? Is it the wall? Is it his promise to invade everyone? He has already told you what he will do. Pay attention or don’t vote. You are going to hurt yourself and your family.



  1. Excellent ,you have just laid it out for them I hope they see this

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