Posted by: johnhourihan | January 2, 2017

being a human is more important than the economy

I cringe every time I hear a loved one say, “The bottom line is the economy.” After seven decades of life, I know this to be untrue. The bottom line is how we treat each other regardless of money. It always has been, always will be, so I cringe when a loved one says it is OK that our president makes fun of disabled people, red lined his buildings to prevent minorities from getting homes, evacuated disabled vets from his buildings because he didn’t like how they looked, wants to discriminate against anyone who is not Christian, wants to quiet the media, wants to treat those who speak against him as “enemies” of the state, as long as he makes us more money. Humanity is the bottom line, not the economy.



  1. Johnny, there are many people that think and feel like you. They are called humans. We show it every day. God Bless you for writing it.
    So short-so sweet- to the point.

  2. Like Nancy said “there are many people that think and feel like you”. There are also many people that think like Trump or like Trump says he thinks. But what really hurts is all those people that don’t think.

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