Posted by: johnhourihan | January 9, 2017

Why not a new election?

Does anyone truly feel that the leaked emails, hacked by Russia and disseminated by wikileaks, had nothing to do with the outcome of the election? Has everyone forgotten the drop from a Clinton double-digit lead to tied when the emails were released, and how her couple point lead turned into a lead for Trump when the FBI director said the emails would be investigated only a few days before the election? Russian spies hacked DNC, disseminated the contents and probably some additional false documents, through an organization run by a convicted pedophile who is on the run currently and what they made public just before the election put a Russian operative in power in our country, so why is it when we say, This election cannot stand if we are to remain the United States of America, people say that can’t happen?



  1. It’s over, many more battles to be fought. Gotta pick and choose which ones that can possibly be won… this is not one of them.

  2. Trumps complete denial that it was the Russians- then his denial that it had anything to do with the outcome of the election is proof or enough for me. The only reason for his stance against what all experts in the intelligence community say is because he does not want it looked into any further. Lets not forget he asked the Russians to find the e-mails. He wasn’t joking. This to me is a president elect who ask Putin for help to win the election! Now what’s the price Trump will have to pay for this help?? We don’t even have to look into the money Trump already owes Russia. Weather it can be won or not it needs to be fought!! We the people need to make sure that nobody forgets the connection between these two men as time moves on.

    • Or ya- as you are fighting it most of us will be in the stands CHEERING YOU ON.

  3. Mr. Hourihan, I believe that at times the only way one learns is through pain.
    I believe alot of people are going to learn alot over the next few years.
    Our country is strong and I believe we will survive and I think the price will be high. thank you for your insight and knowledge on political matters

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