Posted by: johnhourihan | January 14, 2017

You can’t make me buy insurance!

Those of you who believe you have an answer to getting rid of the ACA by saying you don’t believe the government has the right to force people to buy insurance I have to point out the government makes us do lots of things. Governments make us pay taxes to support wars and corporate welfare we don’t agree with, it makes us buy a licenses to fish, hunt or to drive a car. Governments make us get a permit to put in a driveway, forces all men to sign up for the draft even though there isn’t one. Governments force us to pay property taxes even though we have no one in public schools, forces us to drive on the right side of the road, forces young people to go to school until they are 16. There are more. Governments have been forcing us to do things for a long time. Most of it is good. This “I don’t think anyone should be forced by the government to do anything,” is nonsense. Stop saying it. You sound foolish.



  1. That really is a foolish thought!

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