Posted by: johnhourihan | May 20, 2017

The Mustard Seed 2095 (the effects of the Trump government on our future

This is a n excerpt form my newest book, The Mustard Seed -2095

“Raphael clicked off the TV. He had been shaving off 12.5 percent of his paycheck every month and had been funneling it into his 401K retirement account since he had begun working at nine years old. Back then he was a courier for the department he still worked in. He expected to retire as soon as he could, 75 was his goal, but once he retired he would no longer be considered a full Member and he would have to pay for his apartment rent, his food, his health care, water, sewer, electricity. The only thing that would still be free would be his phone and his TV. It seemed to him that when you reached an age when the money being spent on you was more than what you were pumping into the government by way of the heavy taxes on the Members and Entitleds who worked, and by the tithes meted out by the churches who were now part of the government, nobody cared if you lived or died any longer. It was that time that you had to anticipate, because if you owned anything people would be coming for it.”

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  1. Best story I’ve read in a long time! I want more!

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