Posted by: johnhourihan | May 21, 2017

The following is an excerpt from my newest book, The Mustard Seed – 2095

“Then there are the Members. The Members are you who believe in the process we have endowed you with. Those who believe they have created the process in your own minds. The Members see the Entitled as lower class, although they are magnanimous enough to not say it out loud. And you see the Associates as your superiors, again, something you don’t admit out loud. You help make things work and are closer to what you were supposed to have been in the first place, and if you aren’t, at least you are capable of producing children who can be convinced. But there are flaws in your decision making, especially when it comes to good versus evil. You seem to know which side of a decision is good, but you just don’t seem to have the courage to choose it on a consistent basis. You do just as much evil as the Entitleds, but you hide it or deny it to others, and they accept your lies because they are themselves hiding the same things. Ironically, you are outraged when you see the same characteristics in anyone else. The Members are those who are willing to work from within the system, together, and make things work better. They are truly a middle class, and they are physically afraid of the Entitleds, so they don’t mind that their ‘lower-class’ brethren are oppressed.


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