About John Hourihan

I was brought up in a large (7 children) Catholic Irish family outside Boston, joined the Army and later got a degree in English .  I joined the Army in 1965 and was a Vietnamese linguist during the war. I am a decorated combat veteran who served three tours in Vietnam. Agent Orange took its toll, and I am now rated as 100% disabled by the VA.

I taught for several years in Massachusetts high schools, then went into journalism where I pretty much stayed for about 35 years.

I live with my wife Lin, in the woods in Massachusetts. I  worked nearly 35 years writing an award winning opinion column for three different daily newspapers.

I coached baseball and soccer at every level from youth through high school, and I have written a book explaining how to coach youth baseball, called “Play Fair and Win.”

I am working on a book called “Parables for a New Age” and have published a book with my daughter Amanda Eppley called, “Beyond the Fence: converging memoirs”. Both “Play Fair and Win” and “Beyond the Fence” can be purchased online at iuniverse.com either in print or as an ebook. The “Parables” books one and two can be purchased for kindle at Amazon.com.



  1. Looking forward to following your blog… I’ve enjoyed so much of what you have published.

  2. Thanks Chuck,
    now that I am retired and don’t have an editor looking over my shoulder things might get a little more specific, but maybe not. I’m just giving it a shot, like always. It’s an addiction. My brother says I don’t write , I gamble with my mouth.

  3. I most definitely want a copy of your book in progress!

    I am so sorry to hear that you are 100% disabled from Agent Orange. I also grew up in a large Irish American family, majored in English, and now I am 100% disabled due to a neurological injury.

    I identify with a lot of what you write in your blogs, and hope you will put them into a collection someday and offer them as a CD set. I will be your first customer if you do!

  4. Happy to see you are alive! My brother told me that you had passed. I attempted to make a donation to the H.H.S Alumni Ass. in your name. Received a call informing me you were still alive!

    • the reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated. Great to hear form you. are you on Facebook?

  5. I grew up in Milford from 1970-2005 and went to school with the Lumenti kids. Was wondering when you taught high school there.

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